What is included?


Wilfred Owen used the word of cancer to make the reader understand the the pain and horror that the soldiers faced. Everybody knows someone or at least understands the pain of losing someone to cancer. This means as the reader we are able to

The word all was chosen because its powerful.  “All went lame; all blind”.  The author chose to use the word all instead of some because it creates a much more horrific, detailed image in the readers. All the soldiers are sick and have been affected by the war. If only some of the soldiers went lame and blind the image wouldn’t as graphic or powerful. The word all makes the reader focus more on the sentence because of the words authority.


The line “incurable sores on innocent tongues” paints an image of the soldiers being in horrific, agony but they don’t deserve what they are going through. The soldiers inhaling the mustard gas which results in agonizing pain and “incurable sores”. The “innocent tongues” tells us that the soldiers don’t deserve the pain they are being forced to endure.

The words “desperate glory” paint the picture of how war is glorified to cover up the true brutality of it. Without glory people have no reason to justify sending soldiers into the horrific conditions that war actually is. If there was no glory then people would be shocked by the true depressing nature that war has.

“the clumsy helmets” Personification
The piece of personification “the clumsy helmets” was used by the author to show how stupid and hard to use the helmets are. The author gave the helmets human qualities by calling them clumsy.  The word clumsy usually relates to someone who struggles to do things that should be simple.

The metaphor “as under a green sea, I saw him drowning” is used to describe the mustard gas the soldiers are struggling through as a  green sea, and that the coughing and not being able to breath is like the soldiers are drowning.  The author used this to create a darker and more horrific image for the reader to picture.

The line “my helpless sight” is a piece of personification that the author used to show that there is nothing that he can do. His sight is helpless meaning all he can do is sit there and stare as his dying friend lunges towards him. This creates a powerful image that the reader can understand as everyone knows what its like to lose the control of our bodies and just stand there and watch something horrific occur without being able to help.


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