The Prologue: Colours

  1. The colours talked about in the book are used to create a more vivid and descriptive image in the readers head.
    The white could represent a peaceful death, such as Liesel’s brother dying on the train, whereas the black could represent a sudden brutal death like the pilot dying in the plane crash.
  2. “it’s the three in which I saw her in the flesh that resonate the
    most…Red, white, black. They fall on top of each other. The scribbled
    signature black, onto the blinding global white, onto the thick soupy red.”
    Consider the Nazi flag during World War Two and its construction.” The Nazi Flag is made up of the three colours Red, White and Black. The flag represents the death and destruction caused by the Nazi’s during the war.  The red on the flag and the red mentioned by death represents fire; The burning of books and the bombs that leveled cities. These colours define Liesel because she saw from an inside perspective what Nazi Germany did during the war. She watched books burn, saw the darkness or black that Max Vandenburg lived in.
  3. “To their left, flames and burning books were cheered like heroes.” p.122, “The Germans loved to burn things”,  Germany burned everything from books to people during the war.  Jewish people were killed and burned and books promoting anything that the Nazi’s opposed were burned also.

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