Maturation of Liesel

  1. Initially I imagines a “book thief” as someone older and more mature than Liesel with a greater appreciation of the literature, not just the desire to learn to read. The word thief comes with negative connotations that don’t fit with the word book. Thief’s are usually uneducated criminals who are mischievious and untrustworthy, but when the word is paired with “book” it creates a completely different image.
  2. Liesel lost her brother and then her mother “abandoned” her and left her without anyone to trust. This could lead to trust problems between her and her foster parents and between her and her friends.
  3. Her weakness at the beginning of the text is not being able to read which people make fun of her because of. The words become powerful to her because they allow her to overcome her weakness and become stronger than the people that made fun of her. The words also represent the relationship she has with Hans. Hans teaches he to read which created a bigger bond between them.
  4. Liesel vows to never kiss Rudy because she doesn’t want to ruin her friendship with him. He is one of the only kids that respects and likes Liesel from the beginning of the text which makes him hugely important and influential in Liesel’s life.
  5. Max’s experiences in Germany make Liesel’s problems look completely insignificant. Max is Jewish and is considered scum by Nazi Germany making it impossible for him to go anywhere or doing anything.
  6. Liesel keeps stealing books as it gives her something to hold onto during bad times such as when Max is in his coma. If she didn’t have the book stealing she would spend the entire time thinking about Max and she would lose hope. However as long as she kept stealing books for Max to read she felt that she could him alive.

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