Spoken language


That Spoken language is more formal and grammatically correct that text language.  In our conversation this is true.



Spoken text

Laugh                               lol

Yeah the boys                  YTB

What are you doing?       Wyd

In text language formality and grammar tends to be non existent. You wouldn’t say Wyd when talking to someone in person, adults would think you were crazy. You would ask the person what are you doing, but if you’re texting someone it’s much faster and easier to skip the words and just abbreviate. In person someone might be offended by the informality of Wyd however in a text conversation they wouldn’t because the other person understands how painful it can be typing out a massive message. 

Another part of text which takes away formality is the loss of punctuation. Most people aren’t going to bother taking the time to add commas, full stops, capital letters or apostrophes to a text that there sending to a friend.  In spoken language there is no physical form of punctuation, however there a verbal techniques used to show it. Such as a pause in Spoken language is a comma in written.

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  1. Hi, Tom

    I’m now hoping to read and give feedback to everyone on their spoken language pieces – do you mind putting your completed draft on here for me to have a look at?

    Thanks kindly.


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