Started the book of quiet and scared but as the story progressed Liesel became bold and confident. Liesel pushed her way into the groups of Jews looking for Max, towards the end of the book, whereas at the start of the book she didn’t even have the confidence to talk properly with Rosa.
Her main desire was to find her real mother because Rosa doesn’t show her the love that a real mother should.  had a desire to learn how to read. Filled the alphabet that Hans made with words everyday so that she would no longer be known as dumpkoft. As the book continues Liesel becomes more intelligent and even gains the writing and reading ability to write her own book, the idea given to her by Max.

Hans is kind to Liesel the entire way through the book without fail.
Hans has this sense of responsibility for Max because Max’s father helped him during the war and he depends on his accordion to make money to support their family and without Max’s father he would never have learnt to play. When Max arrives he feels responsible for the boy and his only option is to allow him to hide in there basement even if it risks Hans’s families lives.
at the start wanted both children only because she wanted more money from the government  “What’s wrong with this child?”  Rosa didn’t really care for Liesel she only wanted the money that having Liesel gave her.
by the end of the book actually showed genuine love for Liesel
Her determination and aggressive attitude it what helps keep the family and Max alive. Without her intense stubbornness Max probably would have died when he became hypothermic.

Rudy changes from a small immature boy into a more sensible and intelligent teenager.  Throughout the text he dreams of kissing Liesel and he dies without fulfilling his wish.  He dreams of being Jesse Owens but in his innocence doesn’t realize how bad this is in Germany. Rudy doesn’t understand that being black in WW2 Germany is bad.  Rudy comes from a large poor family and so is always hungry.

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