Kilimanjaro Adventure follows professional Mountain biker Hans Rey, Danny MacAskill, and

Mountain bike track First time period: fun with friends, biking, riding for fun air of enjoyment, no worries Second time period: race day, serious, air still in anticipation, nervous flow through the wind, stress about crashing

Slightly sticky outside feel I am not tasting this Does not really smell like anything, metallic shiny metal, about the size of a thumb, rounded rectangular shape, LED on one end, old and slightly broken, worn Doesn’t produce sound  

Blood covered the ground around him. Smoke still drifted from discarded weapons. Corpses lay strewn across the muddy ground, It was a cold and desolate street. Wind blew the rubbish in circles. The man was wandering, deep in thought. The street was totally deserted, the ground strewn with litter. The man whose suit itched against […]

Behind the deceptively warm persona, the guard gave off a rough air of authority. Beyond the factory, lay the ruined city.  

Macbeth’s state of mind changes drastically throughout the text. He lets events in his life have a major effect on his emotion and mental state. “Macbeth: Liar and slave!. Messenger: Let me endure your wrath, if’t not be so, Within this three mile may you see it coming, I say a moving grove. Macbeth: If […]

How does Shakespeare use language to reinforce his idea in Macbeth? Idea: brevity of life Language: Metaphor     out out brief candle use of meter repetition alteration   Shakespeare, in his tragedy Macbeth, is preoccupied with the relationship between humanity and the forces in life beyond our control. Macbeth, who has just learned of […]