Characters: Malcolm, Macduff, Doctor, Ross Location: England, Kings Palace Time: unknown Events: Macduff and Malcolm are in England talking about Macbeth. Macduff learns of his families death. They decide to try use to English army to overthrow Macbeth and kill him. They also talk of much of a mess Scotland is. Quote: “be called our […]

Characters: Lady Macduff, Son, Ross, messenger, murderer location: Fife Time: unknown Events: Ross arrives and informs Lady Macduff that her husband has abandoned her to England. Lady Macduff has to tell her son that his father is dead and her son says he will be fine without him. A messenger arrives to inform Lady Macduff […]

Characters: 3 witches, 3 apparitions, Hecate, Macbeth, Lennox Time: Unknown Location: A cavern with a boiling cauldron in the middle Events: The three witches and Hecate create a potion in the cauldron. Macbeth arrives and forces the witches to summon 3 apparitions. The three apparitions arrive and each tells Macbeth a different part of the […]

Characters: Lennox, lord time: unknown Location: Forres Events: Lennox and a lord discuss how they are going to prepare for war against England.

Characters: First witch, Hecate Time: unknown Location: Heath Events: Hecate the head witch complains about not being present or invited to participate in the manipulation of Macbeth.  

Characters: Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, ghost of banquo, lords, lennox, rosse Location: the palace Time: unknown Events: Macbeth greets his guests and tells them he will mingle with society. Instead he goes and meets the murderer to discuss Banquos death and fleance’s escape. Macbeth is invited to sit with Lennox and Rosse but he sees the […]